Volunteer Requirements (Whitchurch Stouffville Minor Hockey Association)

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All volunteers (coaches, trainers, managers, on-ice & off-ice) require specific certifications in order to be rostered to a team or assist with on-ice practices or volunteer off-ice. Volunteers must be at least 2 years older than the age limit of the division in which they are volunteering. All volunteers must be registered with the WSMHA through the Hockey Canada Registry, have their required qualifications completed by November 30 in order to participate with activities and apply for certification reimbursement. Visit the Certification Reimbursement page on our website for details.


In order to take any online courses, a HCR profile is required. When trying to register for a course and your name can not be found, chances are you do not have a profile. Fill in the HCR Profile Request Form and the hockey office will create a profile for you. Do not take any courses before the profile is created, as you will not be given any credit for completing the course. While you are waiting for the profile, you can apply for the Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) from the police department in the region where you  live if you do not have one on file, or the previous one submitted has expired. The VSC expires every 2 seasons. Visit the VSC page of our website for details and links. 


A CSA certified helmet, skates and gloves must be worn on the ice, Volunteers 13 years old and younger must wear full player equipment including neck & mouth guard. Helmet straps must be firmly attached at all times while on the ice. On-ice volunteers can participate in IP Instruction and team practices only, they can not be present on the team bench for games. Only rostered staff (coach, assistant coach, trainer) can sign a game sheet and participate in games. 


All volunteers (coach, assistant coach, trainer, team manager, on-ice & off-ice) must have the following mandatory requirements. 
Respect in Sport Activity Leader Online Course - this course needs to be taken once and does not expiry. 
Respect in Sport Activity Leader Link
Gender Identity & Expression Online Course - this course needs to be taken once and does not expiry.
Hockey Canada Online Courses Link
Vulnerable Sector Check - expires every 3 seasons, submit the original copy to the hockey office.
Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC)


To be a Head Coach or an Assistant coach, age and participant level appropriate certifications are required in order to be rostered as a team official. Some of the certifications have pre-requisite courses that must be completed. As you advance through the different coaching certifications, if you have taken a pre-requisite course before, you do not need to take it again. Only the new course required to receive a higher certification are needed. Also they may be a survey at the end of the course that needs to be completed before your receive the accreditation. More details can be found on the OMHA website OMHA/Coach Education. The Hockey Canada Online courses can be found on the Hockey Canada Clinics Link webpage. 

U7, U8 & U9 - Representative and House League
Head Coach & Assistant Coaches are require to be Coach 1 - Intro to Coach certified.
Courses required are
HU - Online Coach 1/Coach 2 (pre-requisite, only needs to be taken once)
Coach 1 - Intro to Coach

U10 - U21 - House League & Minor Development (MD)
Head Coach & Assistant Coaches are required to be Coach 2-Coach Level 2 "Trained"
Courses required are
HU - Online Checking (pre-requisite, only needs to be taken once)
HU - Online Coach 1/Coach 2 (pre-requisite, only needs to be taken once)
Coach - Coach 2 - Coach Level

U12 - U18 AA/A
Head Coach is required to be Development 1 "Certified"
Assistant Coaches are required to be Development 1 "Trained"

Team Trainer Requirements

To be a trainer or assistant trainer on any team, the volunteer must have the volunteer requirements listed above as well as the Hockey Trainers Ontario Online Course (HTCP). The age requirement for a trainer or assistant trainer is a minimum of 19 years of age and a minimum of 4 years older than the division age of the team for which they will be rostered. The HTCP Level 1 program is valid for 3 seasons including the season of issue. Recertification is required after the 3rd season. 
HTCP Course Online Link 

Certification Reimbursements

The WSMHA provides 100% refunds for the minimum requirements needed to be rostered to a team. Visit the Certification Reimbursement page for details and forms on how to submit a claim.