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Jan 04, 2011 | Charlene | 5526 views
Proposed Changes to Player Movement Regulations
Here’s a “Readers Digest” version of the proposed changes to residency and player movement regulations being considered by the OMHA.  A detailed description of the changes is available on the OMHA website

What is being considered is a modification of the existing regulations re: player movement.  The OMHA will continue to operate a residency-based system (an explanation of this system is available on this website under “Ask Us- FAQ”).  The proposed changes are essentially about expanding the list of possible exceptions to the general rule that a player who wishes to play rep hockey must do so in the centre in which he/she resides (“Home Centre”).

Currently, the primary exception to the residency regulations is one which allows players to try out for, and if successful, to play for an AAA team outside their Home Centre.

If approved, the modified regulations would also allow a player who resides in a smaller centre (A, BB, CC etc) to try out for, and if successful, to play for a AA team, or in the case of a BB or CC centre resident, an A team.

The proposed changes come with some qualifiers (to keep things simple we’ll use players who are resident in an “A” centre such as Stouffville as examples):

·         Exceptions to residency regulations (other than AAA) would be limited to players who are Minor Peewee age or older.  Stouffville Novice and Atom-age players who do not play AAA would play rep hockey in Stouffville.

·         There would be no lateral or downward movement permitted ie a player who resides in Stouffville cannot play for another A centre or a BB or CC centre.

·         A player who leaves Stouffville to play for an AA team would be considered a “Non Resident Player” (NRP); no AA team would be permitted to register more than 3 NRP’s.

·         A Stouffville player would be able to try out for:

a)      a AAA Zone team (Markham Waxers) as per current regulations.

b)      One AA team in the centre nearest his residence offering an AA team and

c)      Stouffville

·         Depending on where he/she lives within the geographical boundaries of Whitchurch- Stouffville, a Stouffville resident could try out for an AA team in one of Markham, Richmond Hill, Aurora, or Newmarket; this would be determined on the basis of which centre’s central post office is nearest to his/her residence.

·         If a Stouffville resident is unsuccessful in his/her tryout with the designated AA team, he/she would return to Stouffville in order to play rep hockey.

The foregoing represents the principal changes to residency and player movement regulations being considered by the OMHA.  There is some additional “fine print” in the motion being tabled which can be found on the OMHA website.  If ratified, these changes would come into effect with the 2011-12 season.