Our History (Whitchurch Stouffville Minor Hockey Association)

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The children of Stouffville played what we refer to as 'Pond Hockey' up to about 1932 when there seems to be some history recorded. The first-ever indoor rink was in the basement of the old Stouffville Creamery. They use to flood the sand floor and let it freeze. The one drawback was having to skate around the support beams.

In 1947-48 the Stouffville Red Wings won the O.H.A. Senior B Championship. The following year a group of local Merchants purchased the team and in 1948-49 renamed them the Clippers after the Tall Ships. The Clippers again won the Senior B Championship in their inaugural year and set the tone for all future Clippers Teams to follow.

The Stouffville Minor Hockey Association formed the very next year in time for the 1949-50 season. Over the years the Association has seen many Championships and undergone many changes. We have also graduated our fair share of Players to the Pro and College ranks. The most notable being Keith Acton, who was Assistant Coach to the Toronto Maple Leafs from 2001-2011 and then went on to be the Associate Coach of the Edmonton Oilers..

It would be interesting to be around 50 years from now to see what new history develops for the Association and to see if the game is still played with the basics (SKATES, STICK, GLOVES, AND HELMET).