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Jun 21, 2012 | charlene | 1828 views
Clippers Novice AE Goalie tryout
Attention 2004 Players and Parents: Clippers Novice AE Goalie Tryout - July 8, 2012 at 5:30 pm at NTR (National Training Rinks) Newmarket.

The Novice AE team is holding a single try-out to select a second goalie for the 2012/2013 season. Due to limited goalie turn-out at our initial tryouts, any player that is interested in committing full-time to playing goal is encouraged to come and try out at this opportunity. It is important that the team carry two goalies for the season in case of illness or injury as well as the equally important need to develop goalies for Stouffville for the future.  

Try-out Equipment

We will be arranging with the WSMHA to borrow some of the house league equipment for the tryouts on a sign-out basis. There will be a fitting prior to the tryouts for all players needing to borrow equipment. Times and dates will be provided to all players that register to try out. Goalie skates are not required for tryouts.


Expected Commitment

As goal is a new position for many players and the Novice AE team plays in a Rep league, it is important to have goalies at the same relative level as the players to ensure competitiveness. Any goalie signed by the team will be expected to purchase a full set of goalie equipment including goalie skates, pads, gloves, etc. Further, the team is requesting a summer training commitment at minimum of a weekly group training and a one week goalie specific hockey camp. There may be additional training recommended dependent on the base level of the goalie selected. We do ask that only players that are interested in a long-term commitment to be a goalie come out. Our goalies will be trained full-time as goalies in practice and will provide back-up in games that they are not starting.  This will not provide a good opportunity for players interested in playing Rep to develop their player skills to attempt to make the team as a forward the following year. Those players would be better served playing house league and Select as available.


Team Commitment
The team is committed to giving both goalies substantially equal playing time throughout the year with alternating starts the expectation. Further, the team has allocated funds towards the purchase of once-per-week goalie specific at practice. This training cost is expected to be split 50% team/25% each goalie parent consistent with many other Clipper teams. Further, the team is committed to provide some goalie specific skating drills and coaching at every practice to ensure the best possible development environment for both goalies. Finally, while this is a Rep team, the players personal development and growth is paramount and the coaching staff are committed to supporting all players and ensuring that this is a positive experience and provides the foundation for a lifetime enjoyment of the game.



We are committed to having two goalies if at all possible for the good of this and future teams. This is an opportunity for goalies with limited experience to try out on equal footing for an opportunity to play for a great team with the best-possible training and have fun playing for your town! I hope to see many of you there!

Steve Branch

Stouffville Clippers Novice AE - Head Coach


If you would like to register for the try-out, please contact me at [email protected] or 416-434-1733