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Every parent/caregiver (who is the person that registers their child) and volunteers will require or already may have a Spordle account. Your Spordle account is tied to the Hockey Canada Registry (HCR) where every player and volunteer has a profile. A valid (confirmed) profile is required before any player or volunteer can be placed on an approved team roster.

For players, a birth certificate and a current proof of address is required to be uploaded to their profile.

For volunteers, all the certifications required to be rostered to a particular position are required to be completed and for those certifications with an expiry date, they need to be current. 

When creating a Spordle profile, it is recommended that you use a personal email (not a work email) that you will always have access to. If you are required to reset your password, you will need to be able to access that email account. The hockey association can not reset passwords. 

Things you can do in your Spordle account
  • Link all the players and volunteers from your household in order to keep players/volunteers profiles up to date.
  • Upload any missing documentation to the players or volunteers profiles.
  • Volunteers can view their qualifications and VSC, noting expiry dates (if applicable) allowing them to re-certify prior to the certification becoming invalid.
  • View payments (all, pending or completed), update a credit card that has expired or been replaced, print invoices or make a payment towards an players registration. 
  • View previous years purchases and print receipts
  • Volunteers can access links to courses they registered for. 
  • View a To-Do list for any missed or outstanding information.
  • Update a players/volunteers contact information.
  • Change the password for your profile's login. 
Contact emails and phone numbers are very important to the hockey association for you to keep up to date. When in doubt, update your contact information every season when registering a player. Updated contact information does not flow to all linked players, every player needs to be updated individually. 

Below is the link to the login page for the Spordle website
Spordle - My Account link

A help tutorial with an overview of the website to assist navigating through the different features available. 
Spordle - My Account Help Tutorial